Piezo saddles for a T-60

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Piezo saddles for a T-60

Postby Yagil » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:33 pm

Hi everybody,
I want to install Piezo Saddles on my beloved T-60.
(of course a professional would do the work, not me...)
Any way, I wonder what exactly are the dimmensions of the saddles. In the list here the recommended saddle is the 2 1/8 from stu mac, but it's said that those are a bit narrower than the originals. Does it mean that the originals are 2 3/16? The ghost piezo pickups come in 2 1/16 (like the stu mac 179, said to work too with the T-60) or 2 3/16 and I wonder which would fit My T-60 better.

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