Modify Your Peavey T-60

Here are some modifications that have been shared on the Peavey tech support board by the good folks who post there. Although I have not attempted each mod myself, they come from a reliable source. As always, if you are not good with a soldering gun, you should ask your local guitar tech to make the mods for you.

First, here is the normal way to wire a T-60. You can use this as a reference in case you need to get back to the original wiring specs if you want to revert your mods:

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Coils Splitting switch: Tired of messing with the tone controls to switch between single coil and Humbucking mode? Wish the tone controls on your T-60 worked like normal tone controls? Here's how to do it (no diagram necessary). When you look inside the wiring cavity, you'll notice that each pickup has a red wire that attaches to one end of each tone pot. If you just want to bypass the coil tapping feature altogether just cut that wire, and tape it so it doesn't touch anything. (Cut it off the tone control - not the pickup.) That's it! The tone controls work as normal, and you no longer "split" the coils.

If you want to add a coil splitting switch get a "single pole single throw" mini toggle from Radio Shack ($3.00) and mount it to the pick guard. Next connect the red wire of the pickup you wish to split to one side of the switch and ground the other side. That's it! You now have a guitar that's "stage friendly" with an easy to use coil splitting operation.

To get rid of the phase switch: Disconnect the black wire from the phase switch and connect it to ground. Disconnect the two white wires ( the one from the pickup and the one going to the volume pot) and then solder them together.

1 Volume, 1 tone, and 2 coil splitting control (1 for each pickup): The following mod offers the features listed at the bottom of the diagram (Thank you Artie!).

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Single volume control, separate tone control, and variable split pickups:The following mod allows the neck and bridge to operate together in single coil noise canceling mode.

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