Get a Relative Age for Your T-60

Disclaimer:With a few exceptions, serialization at Peavey during the 70's and 80's was apparently accomplished through shared blocks of numbers. Because of this, there are no accurate dating charts available today (including this one). The serial numbers and dates listed below should be relatively accurate, however there is no guarantee of correctness.

     If your serial number is:              Your T-60 was likely manufactured in:

     8Mxxxxxx                                       1978 

     0000xxxx -0030xxxx                     1978 

     0031xxxx -0047xxxx                     1979
     0048xxxx -0065xxxx                     1980
     0066xxxx -0099xxxx                     1981
     0100xxxx -0129xxxx                     1982
     0130xxxx -0169xxxx                     1983
     0170xxxx -0199xxxx                     1984
     0200xxxx -0239xxxx                     1985
     0240xxxx -0259xxxx                     1986
     0260xxxx -0339xxxx                     1987