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The Peavey T-60 is likely the most under-rated guitar of all time. Made in the USA between 1976 and 1987, the guitar was constructed of northern hardwoods (typically Northern Ash body with Maple neck) and sported some of the most advanced factory installed electronics of it's time. If you are a T-60 owner, or are just contemplating the purchase of one of these fine instruments, come on in!

T-60 Serial #1 owned by Hartley Peavey and T-60 Serial #2 owned by Chip Todd (The designer of the T-60). These aren't just "any mans T-60's". Notice the rear routing on both guitars, and select walnut bodies.

The vast majority of this site was compiled by Mike Harian and posted at the, now-defunct, PeaveyT60.com. Thanks to Mike for all the efforts and detective work.