07/24/15 - Back Home for a Few Moments...

Let me begin with a few important things: First, thanks to everyone who has picked up the new album, streamed it, shared it on their Facebook page, told a friend, etc. These Lonesome Nights is selling better than any other release I've had at this point, but it could still do so much better, so, if you don't mind, keep telling folks about it. Second, thanks to all the folks who came out to shows in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. I did not get to tour as much as I have in years past, but man, you all were amazing and filled my heart with the joy it sometimes took weeks to achieve. Finally...let's move on to new announcements.

Here in the coming weeks, I will be resting up a bit and preparing to spend the entirety of the month of August hitting most of my favorite Texas towns. Baytown, Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin are all on the list of stops, so keep an eye out on the shows section to see where I will be coming, because once the fall hits, I need to regroup, eat healthier, write some new songs and get ready for another push in the winter months. If you want me to come visit you all, please hit me up, I'd love to head your way.

That's all I have for now. Check out the 'shows' page to see where I'll be at all times. I suck at updating the main page, but with the shows page, I always stay on top of adding shows. Check it out! Hope to see you all around sooner than later!

07/05/15 - On the Road for These Lonesome Nights...

Good morning, folks! I am sitting here at my desk doing this update because I just finished packing up the car to head out on tour! These Lonesome Nights has been released online and I got the physical copies in hand now, so it's time to sell these the old fashioned way.

For the next week, I'll be travelling through Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and East Tennesee, meeting new folks and having some fun sharing my songs with folks. If you are in any of those areas, come check out a show! Click on the link to the left for all of the dates. In August, I'll be doing my runs through Texas.

Also on the horizon is the Bayou Bonanza Festival on July 25th at Eastdown Warehouse. It is a fundraiser to help a little girl with medical issues have her home updated so she can come back home with her parents. It's a pretty good cause, if I do say so myself, and a good reason to check out a newer venue filled with musical acts, art and other fun activites all day.

That's all I have for now! Check out the Facebook page for photo updates from this current tour...oh, and check out the new album, it is for sale directly from me at Bandcamp or from online retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Loudr and more. Be safe out there, folks! See you soon!

06/15/15 - These Lonesome Nights Ahead...

Hope all is well out there, friends! I come to you off the heels of a nice little run through New Orleans, Memphis and Jackson, MS. We had some good shows, got the word out about the new album and even sold a copy or 10 of the new album on flash drives, so it is going to be out there in the world soon enough. Sunday will see the official physical release and late July will see the official release of the album in physical form. Of course, I will have physical copies while I'm on the road in early July promoting the album.

Speaking of touring, I have one local show at Midnite Slice on June 27th, then from July 5th-11th, I will be going through Alabama, North Carolina, east Tennesee and Georgia promoting the release. Upon returning home, I will work on local album release shows to celebrate getting this thing knocked out. I cannot wait to share it with everyone. I think you will all dig it. I do and really, that's what is most important, right?

As always, check back here for all updates or hit me up on Facebook, though it is virtually useless at this point in time to be on Facebook as an artist, but maybe a post will squeeze through to you! When the album is released on Sunday in digital form, I will have links set up for you to download the album from. Check out the Bandcamp site to pre-order, that way you will wake up to the album on the 21st. Wow! Take care, folks!